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A business (and family story)  that started with one muesli slice has expanded to a full range of delicious sweets.  Springhill Farm is a family-owned and operated business in regional Victoria -  with our home-style treats found in retail and food service businesses throughout Australia.  Whilst the batch-size has certainly grown over the last 30 years ago,  our passion for creating tasty treats remains the same.  Traditional,  real,  wholesome ingredients –it’s what is grown in the countryside that inspires so much of the Springhill Farm range.  As the well-worn recipe books have been handed down the family,  the range has continued to evolve;  but the enthusiasm for creating traditional treats has never waned.  Our family’s country beliefs not only impart the delicious recipes,  but drive a commitment to using Australian ingredients,  minimising unnecessary additives and packaging.  We invite you to join them.

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