Multimaster is proud to be the sole Australian distributer of Fabrictech’s OmniGuard® Advanced™ Mattress and Pillow Protectors.  OmniGuard® Advanced™ protectors are clinically proven to be: bedbug (total encasement and pillow protectors only), allergen, dust mite, and moisture proof. 

OmniGuard® Advanced™ mattress protectors come as either a 5-sided mattress protector or a total mattress encasement, both of which provide an unprecedented level of protection, when compared to standard 1-sided mattress protectors. And, unlike other protectors on the market, OmniGuard® Advanced™ protectors can be washed and dried hot (up to 200ºC).

OmniGuard® Advanced™ fabric is a dual layer fabric that provides an impenetrable shield against moisture while ensuring a quiet, comfortable nights sleep.  The inner membrane provides an impenetrable waterproof barrier, while the outer layer acts like modern sportswear wicking away moisture to keep the sleeper cool and dry.

Also available, BestRest memory foam puff pillows with a zippered microfiber cover.

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