For more than 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing a range of polyurethane foams and consumer foam products to a variety of Australian furniture , bedding , commercial and retail businesses. Whilst the furniture and bedding industry has been our primary focus, Foamco has learnt to diversify and provide highly innovative product solutions such as medical mattresses, acoustic sound proofing, packaging and sports padding, durable seating designs for trains, boats, buses, trucks and planes.  Our advanced technology is world standard.  Our manufacturing processes and equipment is world standard. Our foams are manufactured locally in Australia and with national servicing capability. We pride ourselves on being the company you can rely on.  Our people are our greatest asset and they define who we are and what we do. We believe everything that goes into the manufacturing process counts, from the quality of the product, to the quality of delivery, to the quality of the customer service you receive.

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