What is a Buying Group?

A Buying Group is a group made up of buyers.

Buying Groups use the combined negotiating power of their members to negotiate better prices across a range of relevant suppliers.

The supplier offers a Buying Group discounts in order to attract this large group of buyers, and encourage them to spend with their business.

The larger a Buying Group is, and the more its members make use of it, the more negotiating power it gains, and it can negotiate even better prices.

For example, a Buying Group representing ten active campsites can negotiate better prices on food than each individual campsite could, because one entity buying ten campsites’ worth of food is more powerful than ten campsites buying individually.

But a Buying Group representing twenty active campsites carries even more negotiating power, because the possible income it represents to a supplier is larger again.

What is CSC Buying Group?

CSC Buying Group arose originally in the 1980’s as a way of providing members of the Christian Venues Association with the negotiating power to lower their operating costs, allowing them to focus even more on providing quality conference and camping sites for ministry across Australia.

In 2008, CSC Buying Group expanded its membership to include a wide range of Christian organisations and Not-For-Profit entities. CSC Buying Group currently negotiates on behalf of : Christian camping & conferencing ministries which are members of Christian Venues Association, Schools, Churches, Christian Ministry, Bible Colleges, Care Facilities, Community Groups and Christian Businesses.

CSC Buying Group is constantly negotiating with its 50+ suppliers to ensure prices remain low, as well as seeking out new suppliers to better service our membership.

Member Benefits

CSC Buying Group members save significant amounts of money across several categories. On average, CSC Buying Group has saved members:
- 13.7% on Foodservice
- 22.4% on Sanitary
- 19.7% on Furniture
- 24.9% on Hospitality Products
- 23.9% on Stationery and Office Supplies

These figures are drawn from the complimentary pricing comparison offered to all CSC Buying Group members before opening an account with a supplier.

Still not convinced? Head over to our testimonials page and hear from some of our members.

Contact a supplier

To request a quote or make an enquiry, please complete the following details. We will check your eligibility for CSC membership before the supplier is contacted. Your email address will be kept private in the enquiry sent to the supplier.

Please note we log the IP address of all enquiries and comments made on this site.


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